Sunday, November 8, 2009

Binging on the Voodoo Queens

I don't usually buy things on ebay, because it can be addicting and I am tight on money right now.  So I really should cut back on buying records, however I could not resist this lot! I got the Voodoo Queens Crocodile Revenge LP on Too Pure, the Fish in the Sea/Sugar Overdose 7" on Voodoo Records, the Eat the Germs/Hairy 7" on Too Pure and the Kenueww Head 10" on Too Pure.  The 10" features cartoon girls on the back saying things like "who needs boys when you've got guitars!!!!"  I know I wrote about this band before, but I am totally digging them right now. They remind me of a British less-surfy verision of one of my favorite bands, the Trashwomen. Pure girl garage rock. What's not to love?

I still need to get the Peel Sessions albums, as well as the Supermodel Superficial, F is for Fame and Neptune 7"s to complete the collection.  I wonder what the statistics are on how much people like us spend on music a year.... But could you imagine your life without music? I can't... And finding new bands (although they are not new) is so exciting to me.


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