Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shonen Knife Show

I had never seen Shonen Knife before, so I was excited to see them on Sunday at Great Scott in Allston. My pal's band The Needy Visions opened up the show with some local twangy psych flavor. Then Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood (ex-Be Your Own Pet) played.  And of course, Shonen Knife!

Here is a cute drum head they had for sale.  I'm sure it's been said a million times, but Shonen Knife remind me of the Ramones, reincarnated into three girls from Osaka.  They played songs from their newest album, Super Group, as well as some older favorites.  I really enjoyed BBQ Party because I love the ending to that song.  Naoka talked about listening to lots of 70's music and heavy metal lately, and she mentioned the bands Boston and Judas Preist. Ritsuko, the new bassist, talked about how happy she was to be on her first US tour.  And she looked thrilled the whole time too! I love seeing people who play music passionately and happily. It's a drag when you see a band and they look bored or unhappy playing their songs.  They were tight and very energetic. A great show!

Here is a video of Pyramid Power from the show.



  1. I grew up listening to Shonen Knife, as a kid they really were refreshing, I have my sister to thank for introducing me to them at such a young age. Such a better counterpart to all that britney, christina, pop shit that was going on in the 90s. & Since I never listened to punk as a kid, Shonen Knife WAS my punk rock history lesson. I'm glad to hear they're still going strong, how many decades has it been? I hope to one day see them live. Thanks for sharing, this rocked.