Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Amanda Blank and Peaches Show

I was late to the show on Monday because I was writing songs with Robin. And then it took me forever to find parking. When I got to the Paradise, Amanda Blank was already playing. I was upset when she said it was her last song because I missed most of her set! This was a bummer because I was looking forward to seeing her.  Check out this interview in the Montreal Mirror where Amanda talks about her love for riot grrrl!

By the time Peaches finally came on, I was exhausted.  I guess I'm getting older because going to two shows in a row, and having to be at work at 7:30 tires me out these days!  However when Peaches came on that all changed.  She started the show looking like an aluminum koosh ball and I was already intrigued.  I had seen her with Tracy and the Plastics, W.I.T. and Chicks on Speed on the Electroclash tour in 2002, but I don't remember much from that show.

Peaches energy and charisma woke me right up.  She had some really interesting clothing changes, including a costume with a light-up crotch.  She crowd surfed, she climbed on ledges (and humped them), she danced, she sprayed champagne all over the crowd and with classic Peachy charm, she asked who wants to fuck her (of course, everyone raised their hands and cheered.)  Her voice was beautiful.  She is a true performer!

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  1. i'm going to see her in london in a couple of weeks. hope see does this version of set it off x.x.x.