Wednesday, July 22, 2009

60's Girl Group Garage Sound

While I am all about buying vinyl and supporting record stores, I do have to confess something here. I got my first i-pod last year and I can't believe I waited that long to get one! (I'm always resistant to new technology when it comes out, I was the same way with DVD's haha)

But I must share this gem. I recently downloaded "Shangri-Las & the '60s Girl Group Garage Sound" which includes 70 tracks and is 171 minutes of music! If you are interested in 60's girl groups (this is one genre I want to learn more about) this seems like a good place to start.

You probably know some of these songs, from when the oldies station used to actually play oldies! Here are a few of my favorite tracks are:

  • It's all right, Merrilee & the Turnabouts
  • Big boss man, Shirley (Shirley has a bluesy beautiful voice!)
  • Only seventeen, The Beatle-ettes (sort of reminds me of the donnas)
  • You don't love me, The Starlets
  • Tame Me Tiger, Bonnie St. Clair (my favorite song on this record - "my nails are long, cut them off, tame me, tiger")
  • That's no way to spend my time, Pen-etts
  • 7 heures du matin, Jacqueline Taieb (I also like the English translation on "girls in the garage" by Romulan)
  • Skateboard song, Norma Tracy and Cinderella Kids (reminds me of Annie)
  • My baby has gone away, Little Miss Jessie and group
  • Melvin, the Belles
  • Everyone loves to rock n roll, the Candletts (makes me wanna dance)
  • Sock it to me, Judy Carne (Austin Powers-ish)

Wow, I should have done my homework, upon googling this, I found you can download it for $8.99 from!

it's also interesting to look at societal values (and how things have -or have not changed) based on lyrics in popular music over time... thoughts?

who are your favorite 60's girl groups?

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