Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to Grrrl Sounds!

Years ago I used to have a zine called Frosting on the Cake Lady. I LOVED writing this zine, and had a lot of empowering experiences self-publishing it (including interview Kathleen Hanna.) So, for many reasons, I decided to start this blog. I have hopes for it to evolve into a website, community etc. and would love your help!

This blog will be dedicated to grrrl's who rock, with a primary focus on indie, garage and punk music. I know it looks dull now but I have hope that it will evolve into something greater. I'd love for this site to be interactive and to have guest bloggers, as my knowledge is not comprehensive. So if you have graphic design knowledge, relevant news, record or concert reviews or any ideas please get in touch!

Basically, I'd love to share music with you and have you share music with me. I love female fronted bands, and it's sometimes hard to find stuff, cos a lot of it is obscure. I will be sharing information on a variety of bands, old and new from Bikini Kill to The Trashwomen to Thee Headcoatees to Girlschool to the Shangri-Las.

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  1. Hi could you tell me where I could get your zine and could you post your Kathleen Hanna interview,please? And I've made awesome BK graphics on the computer so get in touch with me for the info of your zines and the Kathleen interview and get in touch with me if you want the BKS graphics!