Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If it's another Distillers album you're looking for, you are coming to the wrong place. But this isn't a Distillers album! That would've been weird anyway, so I think the split makes sense. Spinnerette, led by Brody Dalle, recently released a full length self titled album. And a while back we got our first taste of the new sound with the Ghetto Love EP. I do have one pet peeve with this release (not just with Spinnerette, but with many bands) why release an EP and then put the same versions of the songs on the full length? I want to support your music, but I'm buying the same exact thing twice!

So, I should preface this by stating that I am a Distillers fan. and when I was first anticipating this new sound, I did not know what to expect. I will officially say that I am very much into it. However, if you are a Distillers fan, you need to be open minded. This is not the punk stuff from before. This is much more experimental and melodic, and it seems a natural progression for Brody as a songwriter. I think it was a bold move too, since some members of the punk community can be so critical and close minded - which is so not punk! I hope this album will be well received. For you distillers fans, this is the type of record that the more you listen to it, the more it will grow on you. In some ways this new sound is more accessible to the general indie/alternative crowds too.

My favorite is "Distorting a Code." Brody's lyrics are still rich with imagery, and seem honest, sad and, I hope, cathartic. For example in "Driving Song" she sings "I find myself wrapped in the arms of emptiness, I can't stop running away, can't find a place to exist" and in "The Walking Dead" she sings "the womb is the safest place I've ever been, so carry me home baby, let me back in."

I look forward to Spinnerette touring the states, and hope they will come to Boston. It's been too long!

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  1. i am sooooo excited about spinnerette!!! i love that we're into the same music cuz i don't know anyone else around here who listens to any of the bands that i do. i'm so glad you started this blog...xoxo
    --sarah (p)h