Sunday, January 10, 2010

Destination 7" with The No No's, The Lookers, The Panties and The Need

What a nice day. Slept in, lunch with a friend, a little bit of feng shui (cleaned out a closet), exercise, a bubble bath and a gift from Jason:  the Destination 7" featuring The No-No's (Portland band with members of Lois, Tiger Trap, Built to Spill, The Halo Benders, Bangs and Dub Narcotic) The Lookers (featuring Sarah Dougher), The Panties (one of Heather Dunn's other bands besides The No-No's) and Olympia's The Need
(Rachel Carns of Kicking Giant and Fakes fame and Radio Sloan) on Mr. Lady and Ross Records from 1997.  I love how the sleeve is just a screen-print on an actual map, so every one is unique. So creative.  I miss Mr. Lady.


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