Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lusting after Norwich with the Cruiser Chimps

Howlback Hum Records put out the Cruiser Chimps song Aha Now I Understand on the We're From Norwich #2 compilation which consists of a CD and LP -- apparently they couldn't fit all the bands on the vinyl!

They also have a song called The Worm on Oddnotch Beswtick 1, which is a 7" featuring three other bands (Charlotte Morris, Mochikolinski and Galliard.) 

And this is from their myspace

"We spend more time on dance routines than the songs. we don't sound like the white stripes ok? toko thought of the name so now we probably owe her some money or something. we were a 2-peice, now mikey joined, so we rock.  iain and lisa are in another band too, but it's less violent (bearsuit myspace and www.bearsuit.co.uk) mikey plays in giant robot and the city of tokyo also.  thanks to mr owen turner for recording the songs at the sickroom of course...."

Apparently Mikey moved to the States (Boston... how weird!?) and Lisa is now playing guitar and Iain's on drums. They are hoping Rosie will be joining them soon on bass.


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