Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lusting after Norwich with Le Tetsuo

Le Tetsuo is Jack Underwood, Sam Riviere and Charly Morris

Check out the Sometimes... 10". It is limited edition (only 250!) and was put out on Parlour Records, featuring the songs Sometimes I'm walking around I feel like I'm going to open up and crack and Queare.  It was just released on November 23rd. You can also get this on itunes, but why get the mp3, when you could have the real thing?

And to celebrate the release of the new 7" single, they are giving away the track Way Before You Die, which was recorded in the Fortress Studio sessions. Download for free now in exchange for your email address to keep up to date with Le Tetsuo news!

You can also buy the Your Elbow EP, featuring 6 songs on Itunes. And check out their myspace page, it features some wonderful live versions of songs..


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