Monday, November 30, 2009

Lusting after Norwich with Glory Glory

Glory Glory is a Norwich duo who can pull it off.  I asked Shannon a few questions about the band and she was kind enough to share these two tracks, Love for Love and Meg Griffin with you!

If you had to describe Glory Glory's sound in three words, what would they be?

Loud! Fun! Angst!

Tell me about the history of Glory Glory. 

Panos and myself (Shannon) both went to a music college (Access to Music) in Norwich around a year ago. After discovering we had matching music tastes, we decided we would shut ourselves away in a practice room for a little bit and come up with a bunch of songs that we liked.  We started doing some college shows and then The Brownies asked us to play their album launch, of course we said yes.  After that we decided we would keep playing as often as we can!

Were you in previous bands?

Before Glory Glory I played drums in a band called Comic Book Heroes and we were an all female powerpop/alt band.  We parted ways because of location and what not, but they now have a new drummer Jason, a good friend of mine and are called Camarilla.  Panos was in a punk rock band doing vocals but not playing guitar and they were called The Nazarines.

Where did the name Glory Glory come from?

The band name came from a tattoo Panos has on his arm that says 'All Glory' and it's part of a bigger piece which I liked.  We just grew to really like the idea of having 'Glory' somewhere in the name,  so Panos decided on the double 'Glory' eventually and I let him have his way for once :)

How would you describe the scene in Norwich?

It's a very alive one! there is loads of musical talent in and around Norwich and most people seem to be really supportive of each other.  There is a great supply of angry loud but fun music which we both love immensely! There's always gigs on, fanzines dotted around the city, plenty of venues, many promoters so there's always plenty going on!

Who have you really enjoyed playing with so far? Who would you absolutely love to play with?

We loved playing with Cage The Elephant, - we got the chance to support them at the local university not long after we first got together, so that's something we'll always remember.  We both love The Brownies so playing with them is always a pleasure.  We played with Fever Fever once in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds, and we both love what they do.  I just really enjoy playing with bands that are excited and enthusiatic about their music to be honest, we love watching bands that are full of energy and angst!

To have played a Bikini Kill or Nirvana show would have both completed our lives! Sleater Kinney, Be Your Own Pet, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Sonic Youth, X-ray Spex, The Stooges. Panos is really into The Raveonettes right now, The Buff Medways...lots!

Are you big Family Guy fans (I can't quite make out the lyrics to "Meg Griffin")

Panos LOVES Family Guy, I'm not obsessed to be honest but I watch it sometimes.  The lyrics aren't totally about Family Guy but it was an inspiration of Panos' at the time.

What are your future plans for recording and releasing your music?

Well we are unsigned and I'm a full time student, Panos works when he can, so money is an issue with not allowing us to do a lot of the stuff we'd love to.  But we are trying to sort out plans to record an EP.  We didn't really want to stop recording when we were last in the studio and are dying to get back in there!  So when that's done we'll ask friends to help us out with artwork and getting the CD's around and that.  At the moment we're selling a 2 track CD at gigs for a couple of quid and are getting merch sorted.

What are your favorite grrrl bands?

Mika Miko, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre, The Frumpies, The Gits...


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