Monday, October 26, 2009

The Pipettes and The Indelicates

I'm a sucker for catchy tunes, coordinating outfits and dance moves. So of course, I love the Pipettes! I got to see them at Great Scott a few years back and they put on a great, energetic show.  I didn't realize that they changed their lineup so much.  Their new lineup consists of Gwenno, Ani Saunders (Gwenno's lil sister) and Beth Mburu-Bowie.  None of the original Pipettes (Julia, Rose, Becki) remain, but it seems the new lineup is still pulling it off!  Check out this video to see for yourself:

Also, check out Julia's project The Indelicates.  Here's "We Hate the Kids." The melody in this song reminds me of Common People.


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