Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interview with JD Samson of MEN and Le Tigre

I caught up with JD Samson (of Le Tigre, and MEN) but instead of doing the typical Q/A format of most interviews, I gave her some prompts and asked her to complete the statements (just think of those Myspace surveys that people fill out.)  MEN is JD's newest project, and they are currently on tour with Gossip and then they are soon going on tour with Peaches!  If MEN aren't coming to a city near you, you can still pick up their limited edition demo on Itunes and Amazon.  Here's a picture of MEN from the Paradise in Boston, courtesy of Sarah.

Ohio is where nana and papa live.

I became interested in feminism when I.

Film making is done with one's fingertips.

Art is what you have passion for.

Music can feel like love.

The first song I wrote was about love.

Dykes Can Dance was a whole other world.

The New England Roses is all about love.

Le Tigre will never stop.

MEN began in an airport.
MEN evolved from chimps.

"What would a man do" is a way for women to build confidence.
Our EP is epic.

Touring is my job.

Something I thought I'd never do travel around the world.

Something I plan on doing moving to the country.

I'm listening to a lot of talking heads.
Lately I'm inspired by nana and papa.

My biggest challenge as an artist is not worrying about what other people think.

Something I wish someone would ask me in an interview is where do you like to be silent.

For Halloween women.

In the future children.


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