Sunday, December 26, 2010

Things I Forgot to Blog in 2010 Part 5: THE Julie Ruin !

Okay, so I did remember to write about the Kathleen Hanna documentary that Sini Anderson is making.  But they recently did a benefit show in NY where Kathleen announced a revival of The Julie Ruin and the new band is also featuring Kathi Wilcox! Wow!!!!!!! When I saw Kathleen was having that Julie Ruin t-shirt contest, I was hoping something like this was on her mind.  Here is a review from BUST and another great one from Star Beat Music. I'm really upset I didn't go to this. Lame Lame Lame. I got to see Kathleen perform a few Julie Ruin songs in 1999 with some of the very early Le Tigre shows and can't wait to see more.  don't stop. don't stop. don't stop. Here are some videos from the night but be sure to check out the Star Beat Music link for set list and more detail and you can also look up the others on Youtube cos I'm not able to post 800 videos at once.


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