Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I Forgot to Blog in 2010 Part 1: Grrrl Comics

Okay, I didn't really forget to blog. The title should probably be: Things I Was Too Busy to Blog in 2010 Because I've Been Working a Full Time Job, a Part Time Job, and Going to Nursing School. So please forgive me! I've missed you.

I went to a comic book store with a friend because I've been looking to replace my whole Art Babe comic collection by Jessica Abel. I had every one but lost them in a move.  And I found this Runaways comic by Blue Water comics. It's one of those Rock N Roll Comics and I think it's unofficial.  It came out June 2010.  Always funny when I find something of interest in a comic book store. I used to go to comic book stores all the time in the nineties when they used to sell zines. What comics are you into?  Are there any feminist comics that I didn't know about?  And please please please get in touch if you can hook me up with Art Babe!



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