Friday, February 19, 2010

Make All-Ages Music Happen in Every Town

I was luckyluckylucky to grow up right outside of Boston. Starting in 7th grade I was able to go to all-ages shows (at a few clubs, churches, community centers, VFW's, in basements & even an occasional barn.)  Unfortunately that doesn't happen everywhere, and even now in Boston most of those venues are gone.  I remember being sooo devestated when the Foxboro Community Center stopped letting us have shows there.  So please vote here everyday to help AMP (All Ages Music Project) get a $50,000 grant from Pepsi's Refresh Everything Campaign! 



  1. Awesome! I know when I was under 21, it was horrible not to be able to see some great live music. Young people need to be able to have their own music outlets without the booze. And even when you are over 21, really, the booze doesn't make it that much cooler to be out anyways.

  2. Woah, thank you for the blog post! Your blog is such an awesome resource.

    You might remind your readers that we've entered the FINAL WEEK of the contest! You might post the link on your facebook page too!