Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wanna go to the carnival

Taking a study break and I just realized that Johanna Fateman blogged about Le Tigre working with Christina Aguilera.  And I'm reading the posts on the new Bikini Kill archives. So cool and inspiring!  Kathleen is also collecting videos of any shows you have, so send them to her. I'm going to convert what I have to DVD and send it along. I cross my fingers/touch wood/spit and hope that all of this will prompt them to do a reunion show.... 

Here's a video from 1992 of Bikini Kill playing in DC. I have this show on tape, and it's aweeeesome. This video is of Girl Soldier, Hamster Baby and Jigsaw Youth.  During this show they also played one of my favorite's Daddy's Lil Girl.  <3 <3 <3

And here is another unreleased Bikini Kill song, with Billy singing! 



  1. You have this show on tape!! This is my favourite video of them. It used to be on youtube but got taken down ages ago x.x.x.

  2. The first video is so powerful it gives me chills.
    The crowed seems pretty weak and it disappoints me.

  3. oh!You have it on tape! Where did you get it?

  4. We used to trade cassettes and vhs through the mail. This is also how I first saw one of the best movies ever made BORN IN FLAMES. If you wanna make a trade, let me know through myspace or facebook. xo