Monday, January 4, 2010

Typical Girls: The Story of the Slits

I saw the new Slits book, Typical Girls: The Story of the Slits by Zoe Street Howe in the bookstore a few months ago.  I am already overloaded with books to read for nursing school so I didn't pick it up yet, but it does look interesting.  If you've read it please let me know your thoughts, because it is definitely on my wish list.  Check out the Myspace for Typical Girls because they are posting some excerpts from the book. There is already a story of The Slits meeting John Peel on there.



  1. I've read it and thought it was wonderful. Lots of interviews with key Slits People (the band, Keith Levene, Gareth Sager, Steve Beresford, etc.). It was a fair accessment of the band's successes and legacy without being too biased and does a good job of smashing any sexist "they couldn't play" or "they were just The Clash's girlfriends and that's how they got gigs" myths.

    There's lots of cool factoids you will learn, like how a certain reggae legend was brought in to produce the "Typical Girls" single, but after he proved to be clueless the lady hired to bring him tea had to mix everything.

    If The Slits are one of your favorite bands, it is a must read.

  2. I also didn't know that former Slits and Pop Group manager Dick O'Dell now manages Bats For Lashes.

  3. You should listen to Zoe Street Howe's appearance on The Other Woman radio show: