Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grrrl Gamers

I've never been super into video games but I recently received a Wii for Christmas, which I am really into.  And I did love Bubble Bobble, Mario Brothers, Zelda and Tetris as a kid.  Since I'm not really a gamer, I haven't spent much time thinking about women in the gaming industry, but I found this interesting article, Riot Grrrls Wanted in The Escapist by Erin Hoffman.  What are your favorite games? I really like Trauma: New Blood, which is a game where you operate on people. It's hard but fun!


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  1. I'm a fan of older games, like my Gamecube or N64, the stuff I grew up on. My new roommate got a Wii, though, so we'll see what new games I'll get into. I've always been a huge, HUGE Zelda fan and lately, I've been playing Metroid Prime for GCN.