Saturday, January 2, 2010

America the Beautiful

As everyone is recovering from their gluttonous celebrations and thinking about their new year's resolutions, I thought it would be important to post about the documentary America the Beautiful by Darryl Roberts.  This is not really music related* but we are all being bombarded by diet messages this time of year so please check it out.  I know I sometimes feel guilty because I'm supposed to be this self-confident feminist but I too find myself sucked into our culture's strive for self-perfection.  So a movie like this is a nice reminder, to bring me back to my values.

Also, I didn't realize so many products were banned in Europe, but are still legal and being used in American beauty products. Scary. I'm hoping my library has the book Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Protecting Yourself From the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics by Kim Erickson.  And I want to learn more about phthalates and choosing safe products.

*although I could tie it in by quoting Bikini Kill: "we're not gonna prove nothin', sittin' around watching each other starve, what we want is action/strategy I want I want I want it now!" and playing some songs about body image.


  1. Putting that movie in my Netflix right now!

  2. it's available on the instant queue too!