Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lusting after Norwich with violet violet

violet violet are a Norwich band on NRONE Records.  I am a huge fan of distorted riffs and shouting girls, so I am obviously in love with this.  And they are one of the bands that made me want to do this spotlight on Norwich.  There's something about the songs that seem timeless to me.

The City Is Full Of Beasts is their newest album, which came out last month. You can also pick up the C-C-C-Cat CD or 7", the Bring! Bring! The Morn And Bike Till Dawn EP, or their first album, Bitchbox. Unfortunately the Love this Band single and 7" is sold out...

I will admit that I have a problem with buying music. Maybe you could call it a compulsion.  Especially when I see stuff that's limited edition, I want it!  But I am totally disgustingly broke right now so I've gotta take a break from my music buying. You wouldn't believe the price of nursing school.  If I wasn't bouncing checks I'd buy the violet violet 7"s before they sold out.

And here's an interview with violet violet talking about NY and Boston... Ummmmmm why didn't I go to the these shows!? Dear lovely bands, when you come to the Boston area in the future, please let me know...  I work full time during the day and go to school at night, so I can't always go, but sometimes I don't even hear about these shows cos I'm so damn busy! So tell me and I'll spread the word around here.  Also, I am going to be looking for contributors for Grrrl Sounds, because I am going to get very busy starting my clinical in January... so please get in touch

violet violet Official Site


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