Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swagger Like Us Thoughts on Women in Music 2000-09 by Tobi Vail

Check out the great article that Tobi Vail wrote entitled Swagger Like Us: Thoughts on Women in Music 2000-09.  This was featured on Carrie Brownstein's (Sleater Kinney) Monitor Mix blog on the NPR site!



  1. Demonstration Tapes wasn't exactly readily available in the late '90's, nor is it now, but otherwise I think she's spot on about everything.

    I met Tobi in 2006 and she's as amazing as you'd hope! :-)

  2. well, Demonstration Taps was reissued on CD by Royal Mint in the mid-90's, I was in England a lot from 96-'00 and saw it in stores I guess it depends...but actually I didn't say that it was readily available, just that it had been reissued on CD. before this I had a cassette tape of Demonstration Tapes and I knew only one person who owned it on vinyl and had been looking for it for 10 years, so this was a big deal to see it released at all. I hope that it will see a proper reissue-the sound quality on both the CD and the vinyl is pretty bad--but the songs are great!

    thanks for linking to the aritcle by the way, this is a cool blog xo tobi

  3. I didn't mean to take you out of context, snd you're definitely right about this being a cool blog.