Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mix Tapes

I'm going to be doing a feature spotlight on Norwich bands soon.  And I was inspired by Maxie from The Brownies) zine, Gravy, to make a mix tape this morning. It's been way too long since I've made one!  It takes effort, conscientiousness, time and thoughtfulness to make a mix tape. We are too high tech and fast paced these days. We need to slow down and be mindful. Please contact me on Myspace or Facebook so we can trade mix tapes!  Here's the track list for this morning's:

Side A
Jimmy - M.I.A.
Melvin - The Belles
Blah Blah Blah - Cheri Love Affair
Go Home! - Joan Jett featuring the Blackhearts, Evil Stig and Kathleen Hanna
I wish I was Him - Kathleen Hanna
Yard of Blonde Girls - Inger Lorre
Have Love, Will Travel - Thee Headcoatees
Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
Social Love - Mia Zapata
All for One and Fuck 'Em All - Midnight Creeps
You're Nothin' But a Stupid Girl - Anna and the Psychomen
Only Seventeen - The Beatle-ettes
Never Come - Viv Albertine
In/No Competition - Brassy
Say - Girl in a Coma
Gone Kissin - The Lunachicks
Empty Peaches - The Softies

Side B
Date's on Me - The Trashwomen
Off Our Backs - MEN
I have No Fun - Vivian Girls
I'm Still Crying - Go Sailor
Casual Encouters - Partyline
Rider - Erase Errata
Suicide Decision - Bang Yer Dead
Your Rose - Daddy
So Do the Zonk - Donna Loren
Can't Stop Me - The Secret Cervix
Revenge - The Rondelles
Freewheel - Team Dresch
Disco - The Butchies
Wrench in the Machine - Banner of Hope
New Scars - Bangs
Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
I'm a Lady - Santogold
2 Cats - Nymphs


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  1. great minds think alike I was going to do a feature on norwich bands too x.x.x.