Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got bangs yesterday, so I thought I'd write about Bangs!  Bangs were an Olympia band that were together from 1997-2003 and included Sarah Utter (guitar and vocals), Maggie Vail (bass and vocals), Jesse Fox (drums on their debut album Tiger Beat and 7"s), Kyle Ermatinger (drums on Sweet Revenge album) and Peter David Connelly (drums on their last album, Call and Response.)  Currently, Sarah is working as an artist, Maggie is living in Portland, working for Kill Rock Stars and playing with Leti Angel and Romancing and Peter is with The Mona Reels.  Here's a live video of Sweet Revenge.

Bangs on Kill Rock Stars

Bangs! Death by Guitar

Sarah Utter's Blog Snazzy Bouquet

Sarah Utter's Official Website


  1. I love Bangs! I have tigerbeat and sweet revenge on vinyl. I love the 3 piece band sound so much, and hey, its riot grrrl so even better! They didn't have a facebook fan group, so I started one: Bangs- S.O.S Fan Club:

    Rock on!


  2. cool emily, i just became a fan on facebook!