Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Raincoats, Viv Albertine and Soft Power Show

Viv Albertine (of the Slits) opened the sold out show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Friday night. Viv was an excellent storyteller.  It was interesting to hear her talk about the early London punk scene.  Her songs were at times confessional and touching and at other times funny (see Confessions of a MILF below.)  She said she was devastated after the Slits broke up and hadn't picked up a guitar in 25 years, until a year and a half ago.  Pretty inspiring!  I picked up her CD (limited to 500.)


Soft Power played next, which is Mary Timony's new band. So it's not surprising that they put on a great show.

let's get technical

Soft Power | MySpace Music Videos

And then came the amazing Raincoats. Wow! Hawnay Troof (who I saw open up for Stereo Total before) did a sick job playing drums. I'm not sure where Palmolive was, but they did mention they were meeting up with her on Saturday (probably in Boston.) They played a mix of songs and literally blew me away.  It was a powerful, amazing show. I even loved their version of Lola more than the Kinks!  The show was totally worth the overpriced hotel room and cramped bus ride to NY.  Of course I picked up the repress of the Raincoats self titled debut LP from Kill Rock Stars. It also came with a digital download, which is pretty cool.  Before the show I also binged at Generation Records so I will write about my purchases soon!

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  1. Hell yeah! Great post. I would have loved to see Viv's show.