Thursday, October 22, 2009

NME Asks: What Happened to All the Ferocious Female Punks?

Rae Alexandra wrote an article for titled What Happened to All the Ferocious Female Punks.  Rae feels it is sites like that are to blame for the demise of women in punk.  Hmmm.  This seems like a gigantic leap.  I don't know much about the SuicideGirls but I remember reading this article in Bust about their sketchy practices few years back.  And hey, while we're on the subject, what's up with that misanthropic terrible name anyway -- suicide girls. Are you serious?

But let's get back to the point of women in punk.  I don't think it's fair to say that there aren't women in punk currently!!!! There are TONS. Maybe they're just not being written about in glossy mags like NME. I could list a ton of current punk bands with female musicians but for now check out:

Naked Aggression who started in 1990 in Wisconsin in response to the Gulf War. They are still kickin it.

The Headless Marines Swedish punk.

For Fuck Sake crusty punx from California.

And check out Anarchcunts, a new band from Boston.


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  1. Does she really think there's a shortage?Let's see, off top of my head there's The Coathangers, The Stolen Minks, The Splinters, Finally Punk, Mutating Meltdown, Those Darlins, Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction, Mika Miko (but not for much longer), Vivian Girls, Hot Cha Cha, The Flips, International Date Lines, Girls At Dawn, Plexi 3, The Krunchies, Golden Triangle, The K-Holes, Fucked Up, The Baby Shakes, The Stolen Hearts, Garbo's Daughter, and scads more who feature female musicians. Ten of those I named off top of my head are all girl. A few of them have their name out there (Fucked Up is pretty well known, Those Darlins are advertised on the back page of the latest VenusZine, etc.).