Sunday, October 11, 2009

BUST and the Vivian Girls

One day in 1999 I was aimlessly wandering around Borders and picked up a magazine with Jenneane Garafolo on the cover.   I bought the magazine because Jenneane was funny, smart and a feminist.  I remember the excitement bubbling over me, as I sat in the back seat during the car ride home and began to look more intently at the magazine.  It was fierce, it was female, it was feminist.  And I had never seen a glossy magazine anything like this before!  I felt totally validated and in that moment I had officially fallen in love with Bust. A decade later, my love affair continues and I haven't missed an issue yet.

I even remember getting into an intense debate with an anarchist hardcore girl in college about how she was boycotting Bust since they started featuring "mainstream" advertisements.  I argued that they were an amazing independent women's magazine, who had a staff to support!

Fast forward to today. I was sick and dragging myself home from work, when I thought I saw a magazine in my mailbox.  As I walked up my front steps, I prayed it wasn't an IKEA catalog or something (I've been let down by this before.)  I reached in my mailbox and my day was instantly brighter as I pulled out my new issue of Bust. I immediately went inside and scoured the magazine, literally cover to cover.  No matter how lousy my day, I always feel better with some Bust.  In the latest issue there is even an amazing fashion spread with the Vivian Girls inspired by Nancy Drew!



  1. Vivian Girls are probably my favorite active all girl band (no offense to my friend Stephanie and rest of The Coathangers) because of this sad news:

  2. They are my favorite all-girl band now that a group with a guy drummer called it quits! Glad I caught that.

  3. wow, that sucks. i hadn't heard this... i'm going to post about it too. i never got a chance to see them live

  4. It was amazing. Jenna (the singer with brown, curly hair) has to be one of the most fearless performers I've ever seen.