Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Riot Grrrl Retrospective 1 - Tobi Vail on Bikini Kill

I won't attempt to give Tobi Vail justice. She is a musician, activist and zinester from Olympia and she's been in a bunch of bands including The Go Team, Spray Painted Love, Doris, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Bikini Kill, The Frumpies, The Old Haunts and Spider and the Webs (just to name a few.)

Check out some of her current projects:

Tobi Vail on Myspace

Spider and the Webs



  1. <3 Bikini Kill! I should check out the rest of Tobi Vail's work.

    I think there might be a problem with the Youtube link. It didn't play for me.

  2. Sorry about that. I just fixed the link. Thanks so much for reading my blog! It's new so please spread the word if you can. xox