Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I wanna be there: SPILL in Glasgow


Imagine it.  Fraser skips school to meet Le Tigre and Gravy Train!!! at a gig in Glasgow, where he also ends up meeting Sean. Of course they become BFF's and later decide to start SPILL, which initially found success as a club night and was later turned into a radio show. SPILL was built to celebrate their mutual love for riot grrrl and rebellion against the boring half-assed techno/electro club nights that people were putting on in Glasgow at the time.

You can listen to Sean and Fraser play "riot grrrl femme punk" live every Wednesday between 2-3 pm UK time on, which is a student radio station based in Glasgow University.  But don't worry, you can also stream the show anytime afterwards as well! Their only rule is that the songs have female vocalists.  The music ranges from riot grrrl to girl punk to electroclash to pop. As long as the songs have girls with attitude!

Excited, after listening to their show, I asked them what drew them to riot grrrl and to start SPILL?

"We got inspired just by the whole riot grrrl movement. We love girls who don't give a fuck and who are just really cool and make good music. It's weird though 'cos we're both guys but totally understand where these girls come from. They stand up for gay rights, which as gay men we totally agree with."

SPILL on Subcity Radio

SPILL on Myspace

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