Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Close to Nothing - Sister George

There was a UK video zine documentary put out in 1994 called "Getting Close To Nothing." But the question is, where can I get a coy of this video?!?

Here's a clip of Sister George.  I don't know a lot about this band, but would like to learn and hear more.  Do you know anything about them?



  1. Ah, yes. SG were leaders of the UK queercore movement, which was inspired by Riot Grrrl, in the early 90s.

    Ellyott, the singer, went on to form Nightnurse, whose guitarist was Charlotte Hatherley, who went on to join Ash and then went solo. Nightnurse got screwed by their record company and their recorded album was never released.

    Ellyott has returned to Israel but is on MySpace under Nightnurse and her own name.

    Don't know about the other members.

  2. thanks val! i just found nightnurse and ellyott on myspace. i'd love to get my hands on drag king.

  3. Drag King came out on vinyl on Catcall in UK and Outpunk in USA. Maybe Matt Wobensmith has some copies somewhere?

  4. Im having a clearout,backing up my vhs to PC and will be putting `getting close to nothing ` on ebay but contact me @ if you want the vhs for reasonable price in UK.....

  5. contact me @ if you want vhs `getting close to nothing` all my vhs have to go!

  6. Due to the number of requests for a copy of this tape to which I have helpfully replied but received no response , please do not contact me unless you are wiliing to part with maybe a £5 paypal donation to cover costs for a high quality mpeg2 on dvd ,thanks lovers.Shaun.