Monday, August 10, 2009

The Midnight Creeps

One of my best memories of traveling with The Midnight Creeps (from Providence Rhode Island) was asking for "directions to Roanoke" from a woman at a convenience store in Arlington, VA. This was before the days of mapquest and GPS. We drove and drove and drove. Next thing you know, a group of punks stumble out of a van into the teeniest tiniest little town with only a church in sight. This was Roanoke, North Carolina. We meant Roanoke Virginia. I think we missed the show that night, but I can't remember.

The first time I saw The Midnight Creeps I was blown away. The passion and energy on stage was amazing. It's been years since then, and the only original member is Jenny, but I'm sure they still rock.

Check out the photo I took below, which is the cover of one of their early CD's. In typical creep fashion: Jenny posed upside down on stage singing with the microphone halfway in her mouth.

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