Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 Year Bitch Sick 'Em 10" Picture Disc

I recently was at In Your Ear and picked up the 7 Year Bitch Sick 'Em 10" Picture Disc (C/Z Records, CZ048.) It's limited to 2500 and is awesome! Tracks include: In Lust You Trust, Sink, Gun, Chow Down, Tired Of Nothing and Knot. It came out in 1992 after Stephanie Sargent passed away and is dedicated to her.

7 Year Bitch were good friends with The Gits, so Mia Zappatta's death had a huge impact on them. Valerie Agnew co-founded the amazing anti-violence and self-defense organization Home Alive. Later I'll write more about the awesome Home Alive compilation, and also the Evil Stig CD (Gits Live backwards, which was a band that included the remaining members of The Gits, fronted by Joan Jett.)

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